Workshop 15: Preparticipation Exam in Athletes
Friday, March 22, 2019 at 03:30 PM – 04:15 PM on Workshop Room B
Facilitators: Dr. Mona Osman

Background: The number of athletes especially adolescents is increasing with time. Athletes might be at risk of emergencies while playing sports, including sudden cardiac arrest. Performing a preparticipation exam in athletes is important. It allows detecting health conditions that predispose the athlete to injury or illness, some of which can be deadly. Preparticipation exam is a good opportunity also to provide counseling to athletes in terms of healthy lifestyle, avoiding performance enhancing drugs and other risky behaviors.

Aim: The main objectives of this workshop are:

  • To discuss the importance of preparticipation exam in athletes
  • To delineate the main components of the preparticipation exam
  • To list contraindications for sports participation
  • To discuss the role of family physicians in preparticipation exam

Session Description/Methodology: The session will be an interactive one lasting around 60 minutes. The methodology includes a power point presentation, videos and case discussions.

Conclusion: At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to perform adequately the preparticipation exam for athletes and provide an athlete-centered advice.